Continuous fat burning day and night

For those looking to stay in shape, make the most out of your workouts by keeping your body in fat burning mode with Oya’s exclusive Adipolysis-Activation treatment. Whether it’s for health or beauty reasons, Oya’s clinically proven shaping cream is driven beneath the surface of the skin to where fat is stored to trigger the fat-burning enzymes. Sessions are just 60 minutes each with no dieting or exercise required.

Benefits after just 10 sessions:

- Lowered triglycerides
- Lowered blood cholesterol
- By-products are flushed from the body
- Loss of up to 2 inches in the midsection

Combo Treatment

Fat Reduction: Cavitation (30 mins)
Adipolysis-Activation (45 mins) 

Tightening: Multi-Polar Magnetic Slimming Therapy (20 Mins)


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