In ancient mythology, Oya is known as the goddess of wind and the spirit of change. She is the seeker of truth. Like Oya, we sought the truth about fat loss treatments and we were inspired to bring change to the fat loss industry by creating a safe, healthy, fast and truly effective treatment method to consumers. We believed that if we could make weight loss easier and faster, our clients could break through the frustration that often defeats even the most motivated individuals. Thus, our mission was to induce quick and steady fat loss without food deprivation or a grueling exercise program.

Through independent research of currently available fat-reducing/weight loss treatments, we found that such treatments either had little effect or reduced the overall well-being of patients. Our doctors were driven to find a fat treatment process that not only worked better and faster but also eliminated the risks of widely used slimming treatments which simply destroy the body’s fat storage sites, releasing fat directly into the system without breaking it down into its by products.

After years of clinical research and testing, our doctors developed a groundbreaking formula which targets specific receptors on our fat cells, activating the fat burning centers and triggering the same biological pathways that burn fat naturally. Our exclusive formula is 100% natural and comes as a topical treatment for area-specific results. This is the perfect solution for those who try to lose weight by exercising everyday but still cannot slim down. So whether your weight is causing health issues, restricting your daily activities or you just want to target those problem areas, Oya Body Shaping Clinics is here to bring you the change you are looking for. Contact us today for your free consultation.